Why DeLuca Might Be The Next One To Go On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Happiness can be a difficult commodity to find on a show like Grey’s Anatomy. The series, by definition, is a medical drama, which means a fair amount of heartache is implied. However, Andrew DeLuca’s storyline, as of late, has been particularly concerning in regards to his mental health. And while it’s unclear what will happen to DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy, all the signs seem to be pointing in one direction: disaster.

DeLuca may have been right in his suspicions that his patient from last week was a victim of human trafficking, but his behavior has been worrisome long prior to all that. Just a few weeks ago, he risked his entire career by venturing out into the freezing cold to retrieve a liver for a patient and forgot to wear gloves, causing him to suffer severe frostbite. The act may have been heroic, to an extent, but his lack of regard for his own well-being indicates that something much bigger than stress could be going on here.

Earlier this season, fans learned that DeLuca’s father showed signs of bipolar disorder, which caused him to experience manic episodes even while performing on patients, resulting in numerous fatalities. Meredith and Bailey are worried DeLuca is starting to show similar symptoms, though he himself denies it. Yet watching him speed off on a motorcycle at a speed of 100 miles an hour makes their concerns seem all the more plausible. After all, engaging in risky behavior is a common trait of bipolar disorder. So what does this all mean for his character going forward? According to Grey’s Anatomy director Linda Klein, nothing good.

"We should be very worried,” Klein told TV Guide when asked about DeLuca’s behavior as of late, particularly in regards to his frostbite situation. “He’s a doctor and a surgeon and that’s what they need to continue on with their beautiful life.” But while DeLuca’s hands appear to be on the mend, the same can’t necessarily be said for his emotional and mental state. As it stands, this could play out a few different ways. On the one hand, DeLuca could finally come to terms with what’s going on and seek the necessary help he needs to get better and back to practicing medicine. Or, he could continue to spiral, which could either result is his permanent removal from the hospital, or even worse, his death.

Actor Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays DeLuca, made fans worried about his future on Grey’s while discussing a blow he recently suffered to his career on one of his Instagram Stories. "Today I finally accept defeat, to a long battle I have been in for the last couple weeks in my career,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories in January, as per CinemaBlend. “I’m devastated. Truly.” Since then, Gianniotti has claimed that his remarks weren’t in reference to Grey’s, but if DeLuca’s storyline continues down this dark path, who knows what could happen. If someone like Alex Karev can leave out of the blue, then no one is safe.

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