UFO sighting: Mind reading aliens fly over California – claim

On the night of October 24, people of Burbank California were treated to a peculiar phenomenon when a strange orb appeared in the sky. The object in question looked to be orange and appeared to move slowly across the sky.

Residents of Burkland were stunned by the sighting, with one person able to capture it on film.

The video of the supposed UFO shows the object hovering before clouds obscure the view.

The video was submitted to the UFO investigation network MUFON, with the eyewitness claiming: “I was walking my dogs when I saw a light overhead, it looked like it was sort of like a kite on fire, or like a fireball.

“It was glowing, it was not a drone and not high enough to be a plane.

“It kept moving across the sky to the NE and then it just vanished. A neighbour came out and videoed it.”

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring spotted the video, and took to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, to dissect it.

According to Mr Waring, beings inside the supposed ship could telepathically sense that the person videoing the object was afraid.

However, Mr Waring does not provide any evidence of his claim.

He said: “I love the ladies comments during as they waited to see if it would fly away, but instead, as the lady said, ‘it disappears!’, which it did and that was unexpected.

“Even I was expecting it to fly away. It is seen moving about in the sky a little bit, but also moves away from the eyewitnesses.

“Strange, I feel that the craft wanted to be seen, but soon got nervous that they would frighten the ladies and it cloaked.

“One of the ladies did express some worry, which could be sensed by telepathy which some alien species do have.”

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However, viewers of the video were eager to point out that there is likely a more logical explanation for the sighting.

One person commented on YouTube that it was a Chinese lantern.

They said: “Chinese lantern. The way it fades out is a dead giveaway.

“I launch two every year and it looks exactly the same.”

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