TikTok users reveal how they look while posting glam selfies

Don’t get caught out by a ‘catfish’! More influencers reveal what they REALLY look like without glamorous hair and make-up

  • TikTok user Grace Keeling, from Nottingham, started the hilarious online trend
  • Users share dolled up photos of themselves while revealing how they really look
  • Celebs including Jacqueline Jossa and Francesca Farago have posted the trend 

More TikTok users have been showing off what they really look like behind the glamour of carefully edited Instagram and dating app snaps. 

The hilarious trend started when self-proclaimed ‘cat fish’ Grace Keeling, from Nottingham, shared a video of herself poking fun at how different she looks while dolled up for an Instagram selfie, compared to when sat at home in bed. 

The video racked up 93.9K likes, and social media users from around the world have been replicating the video and using her voiceover to expose how they actually look when posting online. 

The trend has even been used by celebrities including Jacqueline Jossa, 28, who has posted two versions of the video, and Francesca Farago, 27, who starred in Netflix reality series Too Hot To Handle. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the top hilarious examples of women sharing their online transformations.   

Grace Keeling, from Nottingham, started the trend after sharing a video of herself poking fun at how different she looks while dolled up for an Instagram selfie and sat at home in bed

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Francesca Farago, 27, from Ottawa, who starred in Netflix reality series Too Hot To Handle also jumped on the trend  

YouTuber Georgia Bridgers, from the US, hilariously posted two very different pictures of herself on the platform 

Make-up artist Lauren White, 23, from Essex, shared her amazing transformation on the platform 

TV star Jacqueline Jossa, 28, shared a hilarious version of the trend, with a clip of her in pyjamas against a glossy photoshoot 

American social media personality Brittany Broski, 23, also jumped on board he amusing viral trend 

Make-up artist Chloé Grace, from North London, shared a very impressive transformation on her TikTok page 

Beauty blogger Jasmine Maria, from London, showed off her impressive make-up skills with this transformation video 

Beauty influencer CC Clarke, 28, from Hertfordshire, posted this hilarious version of the TikTok trend 

Popular TikTok user Amber Phillips, from the UK,  shared a clip of herself pampering in a face mask while posting a very glam photo online 

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