TikTok prankster leaves son distraught by giving him wrong Ronaldo haircut after he asks for Cristiano’s locks – The Sun

THE coronavirus lockdown has led to many taking drastic measures and cutting their own hair, and one young football fan has now found himself with the wrong Ronaldo barnet.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had plenty a popular do over the years, be it with blonde highlights, a top knot or a classic slicked-back look.

It is no surprise therefore that fans want to emulate the Juventus star's look.

But one youngster found out there is more than one Ronaldo when asking to have his hair cut.

TikTok user 5leetie posted a clip of the lad showing off the photo he wanted to copy, making it clear he was seeking a haircut "like Ronaldo".

Little did he know, his sneaky barber dad was intent on pranking him, proudly proclaiming: "There's only one Ronaldo!"

The boy's new do is revealed in the style of Ronaldo Nazario's questionable style choice for the 2002 World Cup, featuring a buzz cut with hair on only the front part of his head.

He then brands the prankster a "d***head" as a photo of the Brazilian's do is shown.

Social media users were left chuckling at the clip, including Chelsea assistant coach Jody Morris who posted it to his Instagram.

While Ronaldo was widely derided for heading to Japan and South Korea with the unusual haircut, he had the last laugh by smashing in eight goals during the tournament as Brazil rode to victory.

He later revealed it was a distraction method after suffering an injury, stating: "Everybody was talking about the hair and forgot about the injury. I could stay more calm and relaxed and focused on my training.

"I'm not proud about the hair itself because it was pretty strange. But it was a good way to change the subject."

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