The Best Curly Haircuts For Spring 2020

I think by now none of us can deny that spring 2020 is much different than seasons past, but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to the brighter days ahead. 

To help get you inspired as you think about the curly cuts to come, InStyle chatted with the brilliant Candance Witherspoon, natural hair expert and owner of the Candace Witherspoon Salon in New York City, to get her insight on what the hottest curly haircuts of spring will be — which may all come as a pleasant surprise. 

"After going through the dreaded winter months of hiding your hair, spring is a great time to start wearing it out again," she says. "Usually my clients are ready to do something more drastic."

I don't know about you, but with the way 2020 has been going so far, drastic change sounds like the exact right thing. So let's get into Witherspoon's top three picks. 


Curly Haircuts - Lob

"Lobs are such a minimalist chic look," the stylist says. "It’s the perfect cut for spring. It could be worn many different ways depending on how it’s cut. For someone who likes a fuller look, I would do a lot of layers. Plus, it's an easy style for a person who is on the go. This is a great look for wavy and curly textures." 

In terms of styling at home, after washing, Witherspoon suggests using a styling cream and volumizing mousse for those with wavy textures. If you have thicker curls, opt for a light gel. Then dry the hair with a diffuser. I recommend Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, Design Essentials' Natural Almond & Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse, Ouidad's VitalCurl+ Define & Shine Gel-Cream, and DevaCurl's DevaFuser, which can be attached to most blowdryers. 

Curly Bangs

Spring Curly Haircuts - Curly Bangs

Witherspoon says bangs are "such a great accessory for the hair," and when you see how celebrities like Erykah Badu have put their spin on the look, it's easy to understand why. "It can easily change any shape and style you have," the hair expert adds. "Depending on client's preference, they could be choppy, blunt, asymmetrical, anything you want. And it looks great on all hair types, from wavy to super curly." 

For at-home styling, use Eco Styler's Professional Olive Oil Styling Gel. Then either air dry, or use a diffuser. 

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One Length With Long Layers 

Curly Haircuts

"Summer comes after spring, which means trips to the beach, heat, and humidity. Everyone wants to be able to put their hair up without a hassle," Witherspoon says. "This look works great on all hair types — whether it be a super curly client who prefers an elongated twist out, or a finer hair client who needs the density to make the hair appear fuller and thicker."

When styling on your own, Witherspoon recommends opting for a styling cream, and only using gel on the ends of the hair while wet. Use a diffuser while blow drying to create more bounce. 

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