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PLANTS are great for adding liveliness to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

And now there are so many online services that deliver plants straight to your door, so we've rounded up the best options on the market.

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a revamp and freshen up different corners of the house.

And if you're looking for some easy and cheerful solutions, look no further than purchasing a new plant or three.

They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and you can choose from an array of different kinds.

From cactuses and aloe to parlor palm and monstera, there's the perfect plant for everyone.

And there has never been an easier time to buy a plant: choose from one of the options below to get your plant delivered straight to your door.

Your next favourite plant is just a click away, so here are the best places to buy your plants online.

Can I get plants delivered?

Yes! We've rounded up the best places to buy your plants online below so you can easily find something you really like.

If one place doesn't have your dream plant, you don't have to settle for anything less: there are plenty of options out there.

Plant delivery services are becoming more popular as they can really help you to save some time: there's no need to physically visit any shop.

Where can I buy house plants online?

You can find the places to buy your house plants online below.

When buying a plant online, pay attention to the estimated delivery date and any extra charges there might be.

We'd also suggest thinking about your space in advance to make sure you make the most of it.

1. The best for inspiration: Bloom & Wild

  • Shop Bloom & Wild plants here

Bloom & Wild offers letterbox delivery services, and each of the orders is hand-packed, so you know your plants are taken care of.

You can choose from different types of plants, and we'd suggest looking out for spring options as they surely will bring some sunshine to your home.

And you can even set reminders in your account to receive a nudge when a special occasion is approaching.

2. The best for gardening: Primrose

  • Order plants from Primrose here

Primrose offers an extensive range of plants: everything from climbing options that are perfect for outdoors, to exclusive indoor ones.

It's also a great website if you want to give your outdoor space a revamp, as Primrose also offers planters, outdoor furniture, and even pest control services.

3. The best for adding colours: Flying Flowers

  • Order plants from Flying Flowers here

Flying Flowers offers free plant delivery services, and there are special gift collections you can choose from.

So it makes the perfect gift to someone special in your life, or to anyone who loves to add a dash of green or blooming life to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The brand also made this handy indoor plant guide where you can find all the information you need to decide what plant you should get to different house spaces.

4. The best from artisans: Floom

  • Order plants from Floom here

Floom offers plants from independent florists (or green-fingered artisans as they call themselves) to major cities in the UK.

You'll need to enter your postcode on the website to see all the plants available for same-day delivery.

Floom also offers hamper deliveries from small businesses throughout the UK, and you can discover the range here.

5. The best for plant subscriptions: Bloombox Club

  • Order plants from Bloombox Club here

Bloombox Club offers an impressive range of plants with a wellbeing focus: owning a plant and caring for it has many benefits.

You can even have a plant subscription: choose from a classic, classic plus or special.

With the subscription, you'll get a surprise plant, ceramic pot, and care card to make sure you keep your plant happy.

And you can also get it as a gift: so it's the perfect present for anyone who adores plants.

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