Tesco opening hours: What time is Tesco opening during the coronavirus epidemic?

The Government has closed all non-essential shops in order to stop the spread of coronavirus throughout the nation. Tesco and all supermarkets are allowed to stay open, since they sell essential items. The chain’s opening hours have now changed across the UK in order to be able to restock overnight to cope with demands. So when can we go to Tesco?

What are Tesco’s opening hours?

A spokesman for Tesco has said the store will no longer be open 24 hours to enable the overnight restocking process and keep shelves full.

Most stops are opening at 6 am or 7 am in the morning and closing at 10 pm.

You can find your local Tesco opening hours here

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Are Tesco opening earlier for the elderly and NHS staff?

Vulnerable shoppers will be able to shop without the crowds at 9am till 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Sundays NHS workers will be able to browse for an hour before checkouts open and others are let in.

Check your local store’s opening times here

Is Tesco rationing items?

There is a three per person limit on every item in Tesco.

These limits will apply in store and online.

However, paracetamol and toilet roll will have a two per person limit.

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Can I order from Tesco online?

Tesco’s delivery service is still open, and anyone can make an account.

There are currently no delivery slots, but keep trying every day to see if any become available.

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