Taylor Swift Fans Think Gigi Hadid's Baby's Name Was Revealed on 'Evermore'

‘Tis the damn season for dissecting evermore lyrics… forevermore. 🎶 Taylor Swift dropped her second (!!!) surprise album in 2020 and we’re still recovering from the shock, tbh. Since Friday, we’ve all been re-listening and re-analyzing every melody, lyric, and easter egg. Now, some fans are convinced that track 8, “dorothea,” is about Tay’s bestie, Selena Gomez. Buuuut now there’s a growing number of fans who are like nah, this is def about Tay’s other BFF, Gigi Hadid.

Gigi welcomed her first child—a baby girl!—with boyfriend Zayn Malik in September. We’ve seen a few pics of the bb, but have no idea what her name is… until now (maybe). Did Taylor name her song title after her friend’s baby’s name? It’s 100% possible. Remember, she did reveal her other friend Blake Lively’s daughter’s name in “betty” from folklore. Is history repeating itself? You tell me.

Y’all hear me out. My bestfriend just cracked something i guess. “August” is track 8 on folkore and gigi has posted a picture on Instagram captioning “August, waiting for our girl” and the track 8 of evermore is dorothea. SO WHAT IF GIGI’S BABY’S NAME IS DOROTHEA?🤯 pic.twitter.com/M5TXJjqaGV

Taylor wrote Betty using the names of Blake Lively’s children.
What if Dorothea is Gigi’s daughter(whose name we still don’t know)? #evermoreAlbum pic.twitter.com/iYc8pwGRSC

in folklore, taylor announced the name of blake and ryan’s daughter, betty. Willow sounds like willa as in willa jonas. also gigi and zayn have not announced the name of their daughter…dorothea? marjorie? #TaylorSwift #evermore #folklore

📲 YT | Taylor Swift on ‘dorothea’ in the #willowMusicVideo premiere chat

“There’s not a direct continuation of the betty/james/august storyline, but in my mind Dorothea went to the same school as Betty James and Inez. You’ll meet her soon 😀” pic.twitter.com/2FiX7rmqTf

Okay, after a v deep dive into evermore‘s imaginary/not imaginary tales, here’s what I’m thinking:


We already know that “cardigan,” “betty,” and “august” from folklore are about a high school love triangle. We know that Blake and Ryan Reynold’s daughter’s name is Betty and their other daughters are James and Inez. James is the man in the high school love triangle and “betty” is from his point of view—”betty” also mentions her friend, Inez. So, all three of Blake and Ryan’s children are named. You still with me?

Taylor revealed that while “dorothea” isn’t connected to the folklore tracks, in her mind, Dorothea went to the same high school (see above tweet). It’s now becoming more clear that two evermore songs are definitely connected.

Let’s start with “’tis the damn season,” which is about a Hollywood actress, who returns to her hometown to hook up with a high school ex and it’s told from her POV. Her ex’s perspective is told in “dorothea,” which tells us that Hollywood actress = Dorothea. So, in folklore, Betty and James were lovers dealing with ~teenage drama~ and in evermore, Dorothea and unnamed ex are dealing with moving on from each other. Betty was the surprise reveal of Blake and Ryan’s daughter, so it’s not a stretch that Dorothea is the surprise reveal of Gigi and Zayn’s daughter. I mean, anything’s possible with Taylor Swift.


Same, tho.

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