Taurus August horoscope: Astrology reading for the month ahead – Taurus forecast

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Sharing the Taurus August horoscope, Russell said: “Beware of venting your anger on an innocent bystander as July makes way for August; practising a little compassion and understanding will make a difficult situation much more tolerable. “The Full Moon on the 3rd brings a tense career matter to a head; you may decide to sever links and become a free agent.

“Connections are the key to your professional success on the 7th; don’t hesitate to ask a friend to spread the word about your expertise and experience.

“After an exciting rollercoaster ride, your personal life will settle down starting on the 15th.

“Having friends in high places pays off handsomely on the 18th, when a personal connection brings some exciting news.

“On the 19th, the New Moon brings an unexpected opportunity to buy or sell some property.

“This deal will put you in a much stronger financial position.

“Resist the temptation to post a nasty review of a local business on social media at the end of the month or your sarcasm could come back to haunt you.”

What are the personality traits of a Taurus? Who is the best star sign for them to be in a relationship with?

And what is their career outlook for 2020?

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Taurus personality traits

Taureans have many personality traits and one of the biggest is being known for being very understandable.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty and love, making them romantic and supportive.

They are patient and usually content, as they are an earth sign, they love the outdoors too, enjoying long walks and bike rides.

The formulation of the star sign is a bull and Taureans can be one of two paces – slow and steady, or ready to charge.

Taurus love match

Taurus can get the reputation of being stubborn, but this also can be interpreted as being committed in a relationship.

The top love matches for a Taurus are:
• Virgo
• Pisces
• Capricorn

Taurus career

The formulation of this star sign is a bull and Taureans can be one of two paces – slow and steady, or ready to charge and this applies in their jobs too.

They have a reputation of being one of the hardest working signs in the Zodiac, and work is a very important aspect to life for this star sign.

Taureans won’t blink at pulling an all-nighter to get whatever job they need done.

The greatest career strength for this star sign is persistence.

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