Take Your Core Training To the Next Level With Our Favorite Ab Wheel

There are plenty of core moves you can do when training at home (think situps and planks). But it doesn’t hurt to add equipment and accessories to that core training, augmenting your ab routines in new ways. This new stimulus keeps things fun, and it also exposes your core to new challenges.

One such challenge is the ab wheel, and Perfect Fitness’ Ab Carver is a solid ab wheel option with thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. The ab wheel is a classic gadget that’s been around for decades, and it’ll challenge your core’s anti-extension function in a way that few bodyweight moves can, and in doing so, it’ll build a stronger, more functional core, and a more ripped six-pack, too.

Your abs function in a variety of ways. They twist your torso this way and that, they fight all rotation (anti-rotation), they flex your spine (think of situps), and they brace against everything. They also battle “extension,” essentially keeping you from over-arching your back when you reach high or reach out far. This last idea is what you get to train with any ab wheel. It’s also tough to train anti-extension without some sort of implement. You could do inchworms and long-lever planks, sure, but the instability that comes with rolling your torso out on a wheel is a much tougher challenge. Even 3 sets of 8 quality reps of ab wheel work can, over the long term, have core benefit.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller




Don’t be fooled here, because the movement isn’t as easy as it looks, especially for beginners. If you’ve been training abs consistently for awhile and want a new challenge, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver is a great place to start.

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