Stop Everything, Jake Gyllenaal Just Won Every Instagram Challenge

A scroll through your social media accounts will undoubtedly show challenge after challenge. This is quarantine in the time of TikTok and Instagram, after all. And while it's easy to tap through toilet paper juggling, dances choreographed by pre-teens, and marble racing, nothing will make you pause, screenshot, and share with everyone (moms very much included) like a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal.

To be fair, fellow thirst trap extraordinaire Tom Holland (those unfamiliar with the oeuvre of one Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal will recall that the two starred alongside one another in the spandex-clad spectacular Spider-Man: Far From Home) challenged Gyllenhaal to some sort of challenge involving a headstand. And thanks to quarantine-related boredom or the need to show off, Jake obliged.

Jake Gyllenhaal Instagram handstand no shirt

In his clip, Gyllenhaal has all the trappings of a liberal arts professor on spring break, including a tie-dye T-shirt, messy man-bun, inexplicably toned arms from carrying works of feminist literature and an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle. Unlike Holland, who is shirtless during the entire duration of his post (bless), Gyllenhaal actually starts off bare-chested and puts on his shirt as he holds his wall-assisted handstand. It's something worth watching on repeat between binging reruns of Golden Girls on Hulu and remembering to stay hydrated.

To keep the challenge rolling, though the idea is absurd since Gyllenhaal has won it now and forever, he nominated his sister, Maggie, his Southpaw co-star 50 Cent, and Hugh Jackman.

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