Skepta to Give Up Rapping Because Its Waste of His Talent

The ‘That’s Not Me’ rapper didn’t feel like continuing his career as a rapper as the British star would rather work as a music producer and hopes to work with Rihanna.

AceShowbizSkepta wants to concentrate on producing instead of rapping which he considers a “waste” of his “talent.”

The 38-year-old star is keen to focus on his work behind the microphone and he would love to produce an album for Rihanna.

“It was just a thought in my head where I was like, ‘I just wanna do more than just being a rapper,’ because that’s a waste of a talent,” he told BBC Radio 1Xtra. “I feel like right now I want to become more behind the production. I want to produce albums for people – I’d love to produce Rihanna’s album, that would be a dream.”

“I’d probably make Rihanna’s hardest album.”

The “Shutdown” hitmaker, who has just released EP “All In”, admitted he has rapped himself “into nirvana” with his tunes.

“I feel like now I just want to branch out,” he added. “I can’t be a rapper, it’s a waste of a talent. I feel like rapping for artists is some sort of therapy … but after a while it’s like I’ve said everything – from being a confused African child to being a chief in my dad’s village.”

“I’ve rapped myself to my nirvana, I’ve rapped myself into it somehow.”

What’s more, Skepta took to his Instagram Stories to reveal he didn’t have any more unreleased music left.

He posted, “ALL IN is all the music I have to give. I have no unreleased music, feels good to clear the outbox. Sure you all know, I’m a producer at heart and I have so many ideas that I want to work on with other artists.”

“Upcoming and established, young and OG. Skepta on production. It’s that time. (sic)”

The “That’s Not Me” rapper also admitted he is keen to produce an “all-female album.”

He wrote,” “And I definitely want to make an all female album. So many fire female artists, rapper and singers. I gotta make a hard 13 track female only album FULL of classics. (sic)”

Skepta shot to fame when he and his brother Jme joined Roll Deep, and the pair were among the co-founders of grime collective Boy Better Know in 2005.

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