Queen Elizabeth Offered a Rare Glimpse Into Her Windsor Home

Amid concerns over the coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth has officially left Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle — and has now given us a rare glimpse into her private residence at the Castle.

On Wednesday, the royal family's official Instagram account shared a photo of the Queen at Windsor having her weekly meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson (remotely, of course). The photo offered a small peek at what the Queen's private Windsor residence looks like — and it includes a fair amount of corgis. 

Note the corgi figurine in the top left hand corner, followed by tiers of smaller corgis below it. We can also surmise from this that the Queen is still using landlines, as expected for someone we tend to associate with tradition (though a recent report said she's been learning to use FaceTime and Skype for remote meetings). Also of note? The horse racing trophies on the fireplace mantle, and the classy lampshade in the background.

If only one of her actual dogs was in the photo's background, given that she was photographed with at least one of them while leaving London.

Queen leaves London

Earlier this week, it was reported that Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus, though he's currently far away from the Queen in Scotland, while Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly at their Norfolk home with their children and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in Canada with son Archie. 

Clarence House said that Prince Charles is displaying mild symptoms, but is otherwise in good health.

Queen Elizabeth is also set to make a rare public address in the coming weeks about the coronavirus, with a royal aide telling the Times of London, "The value of an address by the Queen is that it is so rare — it’s a case of when is the optimum time to do it. The Queen wants to get it right."

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