Plasterer who works with fake nails slams haters who dish out sexist remarks

An 18-year-old plaster has hit out at blokes who bombard her with 'sexist remarks'.

Hannah Uddin, from Coventry, got into the trade after being inspired by her dad, who is a plasterer, bricklayer and interior designer.

However, she was branded an 'attention seeker' after going viral for wearing fake nails and make-up while doing the job.

The teen says a lot of men seem to be upset that she is doing so well in her trade.

She also says that seeing her do a so-called 'man's job hurts their egos'.

"Just because I wear make-up and have long nails, that doesn't stop me from doing what I like," said Hannah.

"The way I see it, if I look good, I feel good, then I'll be able to work good.

"I've been getting nails like this since I was 13, so it's normal to me now. I can work away with nails."

She added: "I have broken a nail before whilst carrying plaster bags, but it doesn't upset me or anything. It's only happened to me once, though."

Since sharing snippets of her work life online, Hanna says she's had a mixed response from people.

While some have been incredibly supportive, others couldn't help but make snide remarks – but the brunette says she hasn't let the hate get to her.

She said: "The majority of the comments were nice and positive, so it gave me a boost to carry on.

"Negative comments won't stop me being who I am, it pushes me even more. I'm still going to go to work with my make-up and nails done."

It's not just online where Hannah has been questioned over her career choice.

She recalled: "When I was applying to the course, I was speaking to a male teacher about it.

"He had to ask a few times, before moving on, 'Are you sure you want to do this? Is anybody forcing you to do this?'

"Certain people find it hard to believe that a girly girl would want to look into something like this, because it is a male-dominated job, and it is a bit difficult, I'm not going to lie.

"When I went to the class on my first day, the boys all said 'You're in the wrong class'. Everyone questioned me and I had a few people make sexist jokes about it."

However, Hannah says she's determined prove people wrong and follow in her dad's footsteps.

She said: "I've been doing construction work with my dad since I was around 12. It was through him that I got interested in this, he's my biggest inspiration."

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