Plane passenger claims shes being human trafficked in odd mid-air meltdown

A crazed passenger has been videoed having a mad meltdown on a plane, claiming she was being “human trafficked”.

The strange, now-viral video shows a woman screaming as two flight attendants – and later several passengers – try to restraint her. She was on a Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Kansas City, United States when she flipped out and started shouting.

She was snapped saying: “Get the f**k off me! I am being trafficked! I am being human trafficked! Leave me alone! They’re trying to put stuff on me! Get off! Get the f**k off!” And it got even more bizarre when she screamed: “If they have your family hostage don’t believe it — they use f**k emotional manipulation! This is not real.”

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Nobody has yet come forward to identify the woman, or to explain what set her off – and the airline has yet to comment on the mad moment. The original account where the video originated from on TikTok – @phillypolish – has since disappeared.

But it has already spread everywhere on social media, with the internet seemingly split on wheter or not it was genuine. One person stated: “This is ridiculous… if she was being trafficked than she would’ve been happy to go with the attendants as they are not the ones trafficking her! Cut it out lady.”

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And another wrote: “If she’s telling the truth (and I’m inclined to believe her until I see something indicating otherwise), then them putting their hands on her would be EXTREMELY triggering. I don’t think she’s a Karen. I think she needs help and protection.” nA third added: “They need to do more investigation. I mean if she’s being human trafficked then the police at the airport will hopefully listen to what’s happening.

“Imagine being human trafficked and nobody believes you but then ask why you never said anything and called you crazy when you did. I'm gonna say take her seriously until proven otherwise.”

The Daily Star has contacted Southwest Airlines for a comment.

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