Phil Taylor shares backstage arguments as darts comeback continues

Darts icon Phil Taylor is relishing his competitive return to the sport on the World Seniors circuit – and even the arguments in the practice room.

The Power is in the action at the World Seniors Masters at the Lakeside today after blowing away old rival John Part 4-0 in his opening match of the tournament on Friday night. The event has brought together many of the greatest players in the sport’s history and follows the successful World Seniors Championship, held at the Circus Tavern earlier this year.

For Taylor, it isn’t just a reunion with old friends, but old foes too. He is particularly loving the tension in the practice room which takes him back in time.

“Everyone is falling out back there, I love it,” he told Online Darts TV after his win over Part. “It’s like the old days. It’s not like these youngsters today where they put their iPods in their ears. We’re getting proper arguments, it’s brilliant.”

Hinting at who may have been involved in the backstage spats, Taylor added: “Kevin Painter is Kevin Painter, we all know Kevin and he moans and groans. Roland [Scholten] will have a little moan. I have a moan. Even if I win I moan. I’m a professional moaner. I should have taken up professional moaning rather than darts.”

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After a disappointing early exit at the hands of Painter at the World Seniors Championship in February, Taylor vowed to retire “fully” if his game didn’t improve.

Ahead of his quarter-final clash with 1997 BDO world champion Les Wallace this afternoon, Taylor said: “I’ve tried everything [since losing to Painter]. I’m trying to lift the roof off the building. Even now, doing an interview, I’m trying to lift the roof off the building because I’m not used to it. I’m trying to say the right things, do the right things. It’s so difficult.”

If Taylor goes on and wins the trophy, it will complete a fine double after his football team, Port Vale, won the League Two play-off final after beating Mansfield Town at Wembley on Saturday.

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