People wear their finest gowns to put the bins out

Black tie bin day! Women in lockdown don wedding dresses and ball gowns as they bring the glamour to everyday chores

  • Angie Emrys-Jones, 43, from Truro, Cornwall, started the Facebook group  
  • Nominated for an award at a charity event but it was cancelled due to Covid-19
  • The Facebook group has more than 12,000 members donning glamorous attire

Mundane household chores have been given a glamorous makeover as people don ballgowns and even wedding dresses to put their bins out during lockdown.    

More than 12,000 people have joined the Facebook group Put Your Bins Out in Your Ballgown, where members post pictures dressed in their finest attire for everyday chores.  

The group was set up by charity director Angie Emrys-Jones, 43, from Truro, Cornwall, who found herself with nowhere to wear her fancy frock after the black tie ceremony she had been due to attend was cancelled.

A woman puts her bin out while wearing a wedding dress and posted the picture to the Facebook group 

Victoria Wiggins from Bedford an ivory gown to hang her washing out (left). Green bin day means putting on a sparkly gown for some (right) 

A woman adds some glamour to her day by wearing a retro frock and heels to put the bin out

In a bid to spread joy while in lockdown, Angie decided to start wearing her ballgown around the house and shared pictures of herself with friends.

Her friends loved the idea which spurred Angie to create the dazzling Facebook group. 

And people have shared hilarious videos of pictures in their house with one member revealing that ‘mopping has never been so glamourous’. 

Several members have posted videos of themselves putting their bins out in their best clothes to keep during the coronavirus lockdown, while others have taken to cutting their grass in tuxedos.  


The group was set up by charity director Angie Emrys-Jones, 43, from Truro, Cornwall, who was nominated for a national award at a black-tie ceremony

Speaking about the night of the event, Angie said: ‘On March 20 it was Friday night and we were supposed to be going to Birmingham to pick up an award for the charity I started.

‘We had been nominated and were very excited, but it was cancelled because of the pandemic. We were all dressed up with no where to go, and I decided to wear my ballgown for a meal with my family.

‘I took some pictures and put them on Facebook, just of us having a laugh. A friend messaged me saying I should do something with them because they were funny.

‘The next day I set up the Facebook page Put Your Bins Out In Your Ballgown…’

One woman even wore a tiara while in lockdown (left). Some people even wore fascinators to add to their look (right) 

Angie revealed that she was stunned to receive applications from people to join from all over the world.

Soon the group had members from the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and Switzerland, among others, many of whom were submitting their own pictures and video.

Angie added: ‘I just thought it would be for a few of my friends, but by the end of the first day we had 1,000 members – it went crazy.

‘Now, almost two weeks later, we have 10,000 members and there are another 10,000 on the waiting list for the group.

One woman decided to get the hoover out while wearing a navy dress as she did her chores in lockdown

‘It’s gone bonkers, we can’t keep up with the demand. It’s all people who are in lockdown, the idea is not to save anything for a better day but to enjoy it now. 

She continued: ‘It’s about getting in the spirit of it and treating yourself, making the most of lockdown. We’re just trying to make things more fun while people are stuck inside.’ 

‘It’s mostly mums, but there are a few dads. I want children to remember this as the time that mum went mad in her wedding dress.

‘I want them to remember all the fun things rather than the people in hazmat suits, I want them to remember us making the most of it.’ 

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