Never Have I Ever Star<\/em> Jaren Lewison Has a Tremendous<\/em> Sweet Tooth

Never Have I Ever star Jaren Lewison lifts six days a week, and on his one off day plays tennis. When he starts his busy day, he surprisingly doesn’t eat breakfast.

“I like to go to the gym in the morning, so if I have too much to eat for breakfast, then I kinda feel queasy at the gym,” he says.

His workout takes around an hour and a half, with 15 minutes added on if he does some cardio. He cools down with a protein shake consisting of half a cup of milk, about a quarter cup of ice, two tablespoons of peanut butter and a “hardy” scoop of his protein powder. “I love a little chocolate and peanut butter mixture, kinda makes me feel like I’m having a milkshake,” Lewison says. “It’s almost like I’m cheating but I’m not.”

For lunch, Lewison admits he has the same thing every day. He has three eggs, half a cup of spinach, and then a bagel with cream cheese. Since it’s a light lunch, he says he gets hungry two to three hours after the meal. For a snack, Lewison munches on a protein bar. his favorite are Zone bars. Since he’s active essentially every day of the week, Lewison says protein is extremely important for him.

“No matter what I’m doing, every day gotta make sure I get at least that supplemental 35 or so grams of protein,” Lewison says.

Around 6:30 or 7 p.m., Lewison sits down for dinner. He generally goes for chicken or fish, and sometimes red meat. Of course, he makes sure to always have a vegetable on his plate, like spinach, asparagus, or zucchini.

Lewison says he has a big sweet tooth, so he lets himself have ice cream and cake on occasion. “If I try to just cancel all sweets, I’m just going to lose my mind and be super unhappy,” he says.

Being honest about his “tremendous” sweet tooth, Lewison says he recently went all in on dessert. “I’m not gonna lie, I had like three pieces of cake,” he says. “They were not that big!”

Sure, Jaren. Sure.

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