My boyfriend cheated and gave me herpes – but I found confidence again

A woman who candidly speaks about her herpes diagnosis on social media admitted that the STD wiped her confidence – but now she's transformed into a 'baddie'.

Suzanna Brusikiewicz, 38, was diagnosed with genital herpes four years ago when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. Since then, the blonde beauty has racked up hundreds 293,000 TikTok followers as she strives to de-stigmatise and normalise the disease. But, Suzanna wasn't always so open about her health.

In the beginning, Suzanna – who posts under @suzbub – struggled with her self-confidence due to the incurable STD. Although, she quickly realised her self-worth – and hopes to help others with herpes to do the same.

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In a recent TikTok clip, the herpes advocate and sensual guide opened up about how she initially felt when she was diagnosed. "Getting herpes made me lose my confidence," Suzanna said. She sat on the floor and posed as she filmed her stunning reflection in the mirror.

Suzanna then got up off the floor and flaunted her gorgeous body in a yellow crop top paired with a sexy green skirt that featured a slit. With her bucket loads of confidence, the beauty stood in an array of sultry poses.

The content creator then explained that her confidence was lost for just "two weeks". She said: "We’re in the business of getting your baddie back baby."

Suzanna's body positive video went down a treat – and fans fled to the comments to praise her.

"We love you the herpes god mother," one fan gushed. Another user added: "Are you kidding?? You are a badass! Sop playing."

While a third voiced: "My f***ing hero."

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