Mum-of-22 Sue Radford admits laundry never stops – even on villa holiday

Dealing with the laundry is the last thing you want to do while on holiday.

But, that's the reality for mum-of-22 Sue Radford.

Despite jetting off to Florida for one of their many getaways this year, the family still have to get on with some chores.

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The matriarch of Britain's biggest family recently took to Instagram to reveal the 'non-stop' heap of clothes washing she has to do, even on a trip.

Sue is tasked with doing the massive pile of washing every single day in the villa they are staying in while vacationing in Orlando, Florida.

Luckily, the mum had a helping hand from the two washing machines and dryers to get the job done.

"The washing just never stops on holiday," she explained on Instagram to fans along with the hashtags 'villa life' and 'big family life'.

"This has been the pile every day and I’m so thankful for two washers and dryers."

Sue and Noel are currently holidaying at popular family destination Disney World and are staying in a villa with a big pool.

The couple are parents to Chris, 34, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 28, Jack, 26, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 21, Katie, 20, James, 19, Ellie, 18, Aimee, 17, Josh, 16, Max, 14, Tillie, 13, Oscar, 11, Casper, 10, Hallie, eight, Phoebe, seven, Archie, five, Bonnie, four, and Heidie, three.

Back in 2014, the pair sadly lost Alfie – their 17th child – to a stillbirth.

When Sue isn't doing the endless piles of washing on the Disney trip, she's been enjoying quality family time in the exciting resort.

The family have been documenting their trip on Instagram where they've had fun splashing in the pool and eyeing up Mickey Mouse chocolate, along with buying E.T cuddly toys and souvenirs.

However, Sue had quite the fright earlier on in their trip.

She admitted that her life 'flashed' before her eyes after she choked on a prawn.

The mum was enjoying a sea food boil until she started struggle with the crustacean.

Writing about the incident, Sue said: "Seafood boil tonight, I was choking on a prawn, I literally saw my life flash in front of me until Katie Radford saw me choking and slammed me on the back a few times 'til it came flying out.

"Scared the life out of me."

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