Morrisons website struggles as shoppers wait an HOUR just to book delivery slots

FRUSTRATED Morrisons shoppers say they've been left waiting up to an HOUR to get on the supermarket's website as it struggles with increased demand due to coronavirus.

Other customers say the website keeps crashing on them when they eventually reach the front of the digital queue.

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Shoppers who've been trying to get online have been taking to social media this morning to ask the supermarket what's going on.

One customer tweeted: "Come on Morrisons, I know there's a demand but after waiting an hour in your online queue, your site crashes and another hour wait… only for the site to crash again…

"Any chance I can speak to an actual human being who can help me get supplies to my parents?"

Another shopper responded to this tweet saying: "I'm having the same issue!"


Someone else tweeted: "I have tried repeatedly to get an online delivery slot without any success.

"Now, when I queue for hours just to get on the website via the queuing system I get thrown out the moment I get in!"

Another shopper who said they've been kicked off the site tweeted: "This has happened all morning.

"My son has cystic fibrosis and I'm six months pregnant so we cannot risk a visit to shops and we keep losing our place in the huge queue."

Meanwhile, another customer said the online queue already had over 24,000 people waiting shortly after midnight, when new delivery slots are usually released.

They said: "So there are 24,754 people in a queue on Morrisons' website at 12.30 in the morning.

"Boris Johnson please suggest how I am supposed to feed my elderly mother 200 miles away who does not have aid up there!"

When The Sun checked, we were placed in a queue with 39,641 people in front of us and a wait time of 31 minutes.

A message on the Morrisons website reads: "You are currently placed in a queue. We apologise for the wait.

"We are working hard to facilitate the demand and you may have to wait longer than usual to access the website."

The supermarket goes on to say that all its delivery slots are sold out, but it advises customers who are wanting to edit existing orders to wait for the website to load.

It added that it's doing "everything we can" to increase the number of delivery slots and capacity they can accommodate.

We've asked the supermarket for more information and we'll update this article when we know more.

How to get an online delivery slot

MANY retailers have sold out of online delivery and click and collect slots.

But it's worth continuing to check regularly as some say they are trying to increase capacity.

We've asked supermarkets when the best time to check sites is but in the past, shoppers have waited till midnight for new slots to be released.

At this time of night, websites are also likely to be quieter which means there's less chance of them crashing due to high demand.

If you're vulnerable, disabled or elderly you should also let Iceland and Sainsbury's know as these supermarkets are giving online priority to these shoppers.

You can contact Sainsbury's on 0800 328 1700 if it hasn't already contacted you to tell you you fall in this category, while with Iceland you simply need to select that option when you visit its website.


The UK's largest grocers have all been under extreme demand during the spread of COVID-19 with delivery slots from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco all sold out across most areas of the UK.

A Tesco shopper tweeted this morning: "Hello Tesco. I still can’t get a delivery slot. Each day you release, all the slots are gone instantly."

And a Sainsbury's shopper said: "I am trying to book an online delivery slot but its not letting me do it."

Meanwhile, an Asda shopper asked the supermarket this morning: "What time are your delivery slots released? I keep missing out."

To help make sure the elderly and vulnerable can get access to food, Iceland and Sainsbury's are now reserving all online delivery slots for these customers.

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new coronavirus measures, stating no one should leave their home unless for essentials including food and medicine.

You can also go out for one hour of exercise a day, or if you need to go to work, or need to care for someone.

We've looked at how best to get supermarket delivery slots and where to buy essential items like loo roll during the coronavirus lockdown.

Most supermarkets are also rationing what you can buy.

But is there a good time to visit your local supermarket during lockdown?

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