Millions of Brits could be owed £150 off council tax bills due to coronavirus

The government is hoping to support 2.3 million vulnerable Brits by reducing their council tax bills by £150 a year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these struggling households in the UK will see money slashed off their bills.

The council tax hardship fund, which was introduced in March, is available to working-age people who get council tax support.

It could help millions of people in the country as the whole of England is currently in a second lockdown until December 2.

Back in March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the fund which was worth £500 million.

The money was then distributed to councils at the start of the financial year in April.

These funds will provide council tax relief to vulnerable people and households to help those affected most by the pandemic.

Councils could also be able to use the funding to provide extra support to vulnerable people through other support arrangements.

The money benefits people who are on a low income or claiming certain benefits to pay their council tax bill.

Each local council is responsible for operating its own council tax support scheme.

  • Martin Lewis says you can claim £125 tax relief if you work from home once this year

However, the amount of council tax support you will get depends on many factors, like:

  • Which benefits you receive
  • Your age
  • Your income
  • Your savings
  • Who you live with
  • How much council tax you pay
  • You may get more Council Tax Support if you receive a disability or carers benefit

If you receive the Guarantee Credit Part of Pension Credit you may even get your council tax paid in full.

Also if you don't get Guarantee Credit but you have a low income and less than £16,000 in savings, you might still get help.

To be eligible for the fund for the 2020/21 tax year, you should have received a new council tax bill sometime this spring.

Or if you have a bill of less than £150, it's likely you won't pay council tax at all.

If you've already received a council tax discount of £150, you won't collect one again this year.

To apply, visit the website, then put in your postcode and follow the instructions.

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