Little Mix's hairstylist offers tips for washing hair less

Can’t be bothered to wash your hair in lockdown? Celebrity stylist reveals how you can still look polished by taming with a toothbrush and taking focus off greasy roots by curling the ends

  • Aaron Carlo has styled girlband Little Mix’s tresses and represents TRESemmé
  • Has revealed his hints and tips for looking after hair without washing too often 
  • A toothbrush can be used as on-the-go comb to manage any flyways in an updo 

With hours-on-end spent at home and no social engagements in sight, many women have found themselves letting their hair and beauty routine slip. 

But leaving longer between washes doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer, according to a celebrity stylist.

Speaking to FEMAIL, UK-based Aaron Carlo, lead stylist at TRESemmé and hairdresser to stars including Little Mix, shared his tips on how to make your hair work for you even when it is not freshly washed. 

Not only will taking care of yourself boost your mood in quarantine but leaving longer between washes means your shampoo supplies will last longer, too. 

As shops in the UK are purged of essentials during the coronavirus lockdown it might be an idea to save on shampoo use by leaving hair longer between washes (file image)

Give your hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo 

One of my go to hair hacks is using a dry shampoo solution, all aimed at stretching your wash cycle. There is often a misconception that clean hair equals healthy hair, only achieved by washing frequently.  

Too much washing can strip your scalp of those lovely natural oils that work to cleanse hair and can cause irritation and flakiness. 

If you do find your scalp is irritated, try scaling back on hair washing and observe how your hair reacts when you give it that extra time. 

Dry shampoo means everyone can have an option to give hair a quick and easy re-fresh so you can create news styles for those in-between wash days. 

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need to use it on the day you’ve washed your hair, or even the day after. The optimum time to use dry shampoo is on day two (the second day after washing).

A dry shampoo solution will quickly absorb any excess oil and grease, transforming your hair in just minutes. 

Aaron Carlo (picture), lead stylist for haircare brand TRESemmé and hairdresser to stars including Little Mix, has revealed the tricks for looking after hair without washing it too often

A top tip to styling hair with dry shampoo is to apply at the root, leave a few minutes and blowing it out with a hair dryer and a wide tooth comb. 

Dry shampoo is one of my favourite hair hacks and an incredibly effective solution to quickly absorbing excess oils while nourishing and refreshing hair. 

For best results, make sure you’re spraying from about 20cm away to allow for an even distribution of product to root, leave for a minute and brush out. 

Pull your locks into an updo 

You can also lengthen the time between washes by changing your look up.

If you’re more inclined to wear your hair down, opting for an up do like a sleek ponytail or a low bun can help you stretch that extra day. 

When it comes to styling on day three after washing your hair, you really want to make sure you’re creating the illusion of clean looking hair. Opting for a pulled back look at the top of your crown will also create the illusion of a polished look. 

A slicked back and high ponytail take minutes and looks chic, you can also wrap a section of the ponytail hair around the hair band and tuck it under, or pin into the ponytail with a hair pin for added sophistication. 

If you’re styling curly hair, an effortless messy bun is your friend coupled with some volumising or curl defining mousse like TRESemmé Day 2 Fresh & Clean Foaming Dry Shampoo which absorbs oil and adds volume at the same time. 

If you’re opting for an up do, it’s always wise to carry a toothbrush that you can dip in water or spray product on to push back flyaways from the face and slick hair back in place. 

Distract from greasy roots with glamorous curls 

For those who like a bit of added movement, taking a hair straightener and using it to create soft beachy waves or loose curls can also distract from unwashed hair

For those who like a bit of added movement, taking a hair straightener and using it to create soft beachy waves or loose curls can also distract from unwashed hair. 

Curls hold better on dirtier hair, allowing you to carry your look for longer. 

There are plenty of simple hair hacks for achieving big, bouncy locks, and most require very little effort. 

Why not try switching up your parting to create a natural kink from the root or take a fine-tooth comb or hairbrush and section your hair from the crown to back comb, adding more lift.   

Draw attention with a statement clip  

A very simple way to distract from tangled tresses is with a hair accessory like an eye-catching hair clip and pull hair away from the face – clipping hair up will freshen up your look and draw attention away from the hair and to your face.  

Always carry around hair pins with you, it can very quickly help take your look from day to night and can bring added sophistication to your workday.     

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