LeBron James explains why the NBA's sudden stoppage due to coronavirus has been tough on his body

  • The NBA season was brought to a sudden halt two weeks ago after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • Since then, the league has been suspended indefinitely, with many players left keeping themselves busy in isolation through Tik Tok dances, at-home workouts, and golf trick shots.
  • Speaking with the Uninterrupted podcast "Road Trippin," Lakers superstar LeBron James said that the sudden stop was actually difficult for his body, despite technically being a break from the wear-and-tear of the season.
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The NBA was forced to suspend its season indefinitely two weeks ago after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.

Since then, the rest of the sports world has been brought to a standstill, with the Olympics postponed until 2021 and other major sports leagues around the world suspended in hopes of preventing the further spread of the virus.

While it might seem like the pause in play would come as a respite for the top athletes in the world, Lakers superstar LeBron James said that the sudden stoppage has had the opposite effect.

Speaking with former teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye on the Uninterrupted podcast "Road Trippin," James said it's been tough to get his body to adjust to his non-NBA schedule.

"It's actually the opposite for me," James said. "My body when we stopped playing was like 'what the hell are you doing?'"

LeBron is trying to stay sharp.
@KingJames / Instagram

James added that he still doesn't know when he'd be able to get back to his regular schedule.

"The only timeline that we've been given as far as training is that I will be allowed to work out with Mike Mancias again on Monday, which will be the two weeks away from the quarantine they put us on after we all got tested after the Nets had four guys who tested positive," James said, per the Los Angeles Times.

"I've just been training. I've been training five days a week and staying ready. What they always say. Stay ready when your number's called."

Despite the tough circumstances, James still seems to be making the best of the situation as it stands, taking part in dancing TikTok videos along with his family and posting impressive quarantined workouts on Instagram while waiting for the NBA to get back in action.

James is also doing his part to support those who have been affected by the virus, helping provide hot meals to 343 families tied to his I Promise school in Akron, Ohio through the LeBron James Family Foundation.

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