Jeffree Star alluded to drama with his ex-boyfriend seemingly over an Aston Martin, and his fans have new theories about their breakup

  • Jeffree Star presented an updated garage tour of his custom luxury fleet during quarantine, and when he got to his newly-pink Aston Martin, he spilled "some tea" about it.
  • In a previous video, Star "gifted" the then-lime green Aston Martin to his then-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, who he broke up with at the beginning of 2020, but Star now says the car was always under his name.
  • He also recently changed the title of that old video, and alluded to "very dark, ugly stuff happening behind the scenes since the breakup," which has left fans wondering if Star is involved in legal drama. 
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Jeffree Star's latest dispatch from his $14.6 million mansion took a dramatic left turn when the cosmetics CEO presented his fleet of luxury pink and white vehicles, and spilled "some tea" about his Aston Martin.

When the beauty YouTuber first introduced the $150,000 car, it was lime green and he was "gifting it" to his then-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, who Star broke up with at the beginning of 2020. 

Days before Star's latest house tour update, fans and beauty drama speculators noticed that the YouTuber changed the title and description of the Aston Martin surprise video from July 2019. Before, it was titled "Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!" Star changed it to "Pretending To Surprise My Ex-Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!"

In the new description, Star also wrote "Since my break up [sic] with Nathan, I've been asked hundreds of times what happened with this car since uploading this video! The car was always mine and in my name, I paid for it and always dreamed of owning a Aston Martin from watching James Bond 007 movies as a kid! We did this video to create content and do something fun, but sadly this was us acting and was not a real genuine surprise lol [sic]."

Star has since changed the title back to "Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!" and removed the new description, and he elaborated on what happened during the updated garage tour video. 

"I ended up changing it again and I'm sure you guys are not surprised, but this car was always my car. I paid for it, it was in my name for months and then we filmed that video," Star said about the newly-painted dark fuchsia car.

"I got one and we had a moment where we were like 'Oh my God, let's create a video and just kind of like do fish out of water and make something up. I regret saying that because I don't ever want anyone to have doubt like 'Did Jeffree fake x, y, and z?' You all know my relationship was very real, and I think I acted out because I am going through it."

Star also alluded to drama behind-the-scenes with Schwandt, which has left fans theorizing about how messy their breakup really was

In addition to clearing the air about his Aston Martin, Star seemed to insinuate that there's more to his breakup with Schwandt than he's told fans about so far. The beauty guru said "legally, for my protection, I don't really want to say anything," but what he did say has left his audience theorizing what could really be happening. 

"There's a lot of stuff, very dark, ugly stuff happening behind the scenes since the breakup and I've been devastated, honestly," Star said in the video. "I don't want to say that because I'm afraid of being degraded online. I'm afraid of people misconstruing what I'm saying and going somewhere else. I've been going through it, I really have."

In beauty drama circles on Twitter, in comments left on Star's video, and in forums like "r/BeautyGuruChatter" on Reddit, fans and casual observers are wondering whether Schwandt is trying to claim ownership of the Aston Martin.

"Could he be doing this so that Nate cannot keep the car, claiming he has proof it was a direct gift to him?" asked one Reddit user in the thread about Star's video title change. In the past, Star has denied some rumors about Schwandt himself, including that he left him for a woman he was cheating on Star with. 

Other Star fans are now curious about the green shade name in Star's latest makeup debut, the Blood Lust collection. Green is Schwandt's favorite color – which is why the Aston Martin was initially lime green – and in the past, Star has named green shades in his palettes after Schwandt. In the Blood Lust palette, which was released after the breakup, the green shade is called "Vile Serpent" – but it's unclear if Star picked the shade names before or after the breakup. 

"I've been kind of depressed, going through a lot of emotional roller coaster stuff on top of the business being closed right now," Star, who announced he would be closing Jeffree Star Cosmetics but would continue to pay employees, said in his latest video. "Everything has been really overwhelming. I can't believe I'm dealing with stuff like this, but I don't know you guys, I'm trying not to get emotional."

After he said that, Star's executive assistant Madison Taylor spoke up from behind the camera, and Star's video editor helpfully transcribed what she said onscreen, for emphasis. 

"It's sad what you do for people, and what they do in return," she said.

"It's truly scary sometimes," Star responded.

The beauty guru ended his video on a lighter note by showing off his new front-yard sign that says "Pomeranian Palace" and suggesting that he'll be getting a new Pomeranian puppy to join his other four. 

Insider reached out to Star for comment, but didn't hear back immediately. 

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