Jamie Oliver's son Buddy is joined by brother River for tutorial

Now RIVER is joining in! Jamie Oliver’s son, 5, joins Buddy’s latest cooking video as his big brother, 12, ‘follows in Dad’s footsteps’ by whipping up homemade pasta

  • Buddy Oliver, 12, impressed his father Jamie’s fans with latest clip shared online
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Jamie Oliver sent his fans wild today by sharing a clip of his 12-year-old son Buddy whipping together a homemade pasta dish – while his younger brother River also made an appearance.

Proud father Jamie Oliver has shared a number of his eldest son’s tutorials with his 9.3m Instagram followers over the last few months. 

Along with a family-friendly tuna pasta recipe, Buddy delighted fans when he filmed a video talking viewers through his favourite fajitas.

And today, Jamie shared a clip of Buddy creating a pasta dish with a brief appearance from his youngest son River, five, writing: ‘Buddy following in my footsteps learning from the pasta master himself!’

Meanwhile many fans went wild over the clip, with one writing: ‘We love you River!!’

Jamie Oliver sent his fans wild today by sharing a clip of his 12-year-old son Buddy whipping together a homemade pasta dish – while his younger brother River also made an appearance

Another commented: ‘Two real pros! Love them together.’ 

A third added: ‘Holy cow, this kid is amazing! So confident and his skills are outstanding! Well done.’

A fourth said: ‘Cooking aside…what lovely manners.’

‘OMG mini Jamie is the best!! So so well spoken!’ another added.

One commented: ‘Wow he is an absolute legend! Buddy cook book please.’

Another added: ‘He’ll be just as great a cook as his dad. So sweet.’ 

In the clip, Buddy could be seen blending the spinach to create the pasta dough, before rolling the mixture into long thin pieces.

He went on to make a butternut squash sauce with garlic, chilly, rosemary and sage.

He added some flour to the pasta before cooking it in boiled water for a few minutes. 

Many foodie fans of the chef went wild for the video on Instagram which was shared earlier today 

He then mixed the homemade pasta with the sauce and plated the dish, sprinkling parmesan over the top. 

Sharing the clip, Jamie posted: ‘This is what I love to see two of my favourite people cooking together my mini-me Buddy and my best mate @gennarocontaldo. 

‘Buddy following in my footsteps learning from the pasta master himself! Plus this homemade pici pasta is a great first recipe for your kids to get into cooking up fresh pasta. 

‘The dough only requires three ingredients and the end result is truly delicious!

‘Loads more recipes from Buddy to get your kids into cooking on my website.’

Weeks ago, Jamie insisted Buddy will ‘earn his trade’ if he becomes a chef and won’t live off his name like a typical ‘Nepo Baby.’ 

The Essex-born star has seen the youngster become a big hit online courtesy of his Cooking Buddies series which has racked up millions of hits.

But Jamie insists should Buddy choose to follow in his footsteps, he will have a proper grounding just like him in order to make his rising star son a more complete chef.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Jamie said: ‘The only way to do it, is to do it properly.

In the clip, Buddy could be seen blending the spinach to create the pasta dough, before rolling the dough into long thin pieces

The amateur chef was enthusiastic in the clip, where he was joined by Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo 

‘The technical and practical side of cooking is one thing, but the really interesting and emotional thing about cooking is serving people, immersing yourself with food growers and farmers – you can’t fake that.’

He continued: ‘When I ran the restaurant Fifteen, where most of our young people were unemployed, from prison or troubled backgrounds.

‘We put these kids in front of amazing farmers and artisans, fishermen and producers, that’s what changes you and I’d definitely do that with Buddy, if he wanted to go down that route. He would earn his trade for sure.’

Jamie says Buddy has yet to reveal his future career ambitions and even claims his son isn’t technology minded, despite his success online, admitting ‘he doesn’t even go on YouTube.’

But the father-of-five does reveal the youngster’s cooking talents have developed because of sheer practice.

He explained: ‘When he was ten, and you can find this online, he filleted a mackerel.

The pair could be seen cooking up the homemade dish together side-by-side in the Instagram video 

Weeks ago, Jamie insisted Buddy will ‘earn his trade’ if he becomes a chef and won’t live off his name like a typical ‘ Nepo Baby’

‘It’s not because he’s a special kid, it’s because kids are brilliant and when they repeat things a few times, they get good at it – whether it’s cricket, boxing or gymnastics, and he happened to have a mackerel in his hand, which is a cheap fish that’s bloody good for you, and he cooked it for his brother River, crispy skins 90 per cent of the way, and you can’t produce that content.

‘When I take him down the market on a Saturday, he’s had 70-year-old men saying, ‘I’ve never really been into your old man, but I saw you do that video and came here and brought mackerel.’

‘He has that effect on people, particularly the older generation. I’m really proud of him, he’s a good kid.’ 

It comes after experts analysed Buddy’s techniques and contrasted them with fellow nepo-baby chef Brooklyn’s drastically different ability.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the chef was full of admiration for the primary school student’s chopping skills.

The expert continued: ‘Buddy holds his knife with the confidence of someone much older, and gives advice without any self doubt or insecurity. 

‘This can only come from practice and repetition.’

He then used a ‘cross-chop method’ to chop the leeks into smaller pieces, adding the chunks to an oily pan.

Buddy’s spinach pici pasta 


200 g baby spinach

300 g Tipo ’00’ or plain flour , plus extra for dusting

600 g pumpkin or butternut squash , (save your seeds for toasting)

4 cloves of garlic

2 banana shallots

1 red chilli , optional

3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

2 sprigs of fresh sage

olive oil

40 g Parmesan cheese

extra virgin olive oil


As such, the expert says it’s obvious that the aspiring chef is particularly passionate about his hobby.

She continued: ‘Good knife skills, excellent cooking tips, interesting recipes all delivered in a fun, charming way. All this and 12 years old!’

In contrast, the expert said that it’s evident that Brooklyn – who has admitted he’s never had any training – picked up his techniques by watching online tutorials.

She said: ‘Brooklyn Beckham has a certain style to his cooking. He has decent knife skills, I would say he has had lessons or has studied videos and tutorials.’ 

However, she took issue with Brooklyn’s repeated use of the same chopping board. 

‘Using the same chopping board for meat, fish and vegetables is never a good idea but if you do, like Brooklyn, you must be fastidious about cleaning in between.’ 

On top of this, the expert said she ‘cringed’ watching Brooklyn slice a truffle with a mandolin without wearing a protector.

She added: ‘I’ve known even experienced chefs that have chopped off the tips of their fingers in an instant.’

Lisa also highlighted how Buddy’s recipes appeal to viewers who have minimal experience or trying to make meals on a budget – unlike Brooklyn Beckham’s truffle tagliatelle, which was dubbed ‘out of touch’ by unimpressed viewers.  

Having examined the chefs’ videos, Lisa said Buddy has what it takes to become a celebrity chef.

She continued: ‘Confident in front of the camera and extremely likeable, Buddy Oliver is a star in the making. 

‘This is one nepo baby deserving of his success.’

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