Jahan Loh Presents a Chamber of Inflatable Golden Ingots in His ‘Live Long & Prosper’ Exhibition With ACU

Later this week in Singapore, Jahan Loh will be presenting an immersive installation entitled “Golden Chamber,” as part of his and ACU’s Live Long & Prosper exhibition.

The space centers around a large LED display with a backdrop of perpetually rolling golden ingots. For this installation, Loh draws inspiration from the auspicious Chinese expression “黄金满地,” which literally translates to “floor covered in gold.” In a complementing gold hue, the side walls are also fitted with reflective materials that extend and amplify the richness of the display. Highlighted in the space are 1,888 inflatable ingots, all packed into the center and reminiscent of a children’s ball pit where visitors can indulge in the feeling of “rolling in gold.”

A sequel to Loh and ACU’s God of Fortune BE@RBRICK series, the two parties have also crafted the ACU Jade God of Fortune 1000% Be@rbrick as an event-exclusive collectible. The piece can only be won at a lucky draw, which is only available for those who’ve made a purchase at the exhibition shop. In addition, ACU are also offering limited-edition T-shirts featuring the same graphics from the exhibition’s poster.

Jahan Loh’s Live Long & Prosper installation will be on view from November 10 – 19 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC). For more information, head over to SCCC’s official website.

L7 Multi-Purpose Hall
1 Straits Blvd
Singapore 018906

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