Instagrammmer accidentally shows off her toy behind her in hilarious blunder

An Instagram user was left red-faced and hastily deleting videos after realising she had left a sex toy “out to dry” in the background.

Lauren Faulkner was updating her 34,000 followers with a glimpse into her sulphate-free haircare routine.

But awkwardly, she had left out a flesh-coloured realistic dildo which was sat on a shelf behind her and realised it had been there for days.

The influencer, who runs a joint YouTube channel called Trans Life and Wife with her transgender boyfriend Charlie Allan, was quick to explain the blunder after finding the funny side.

Shaking with laughter, she says: "Guys I just want to apologise if you're watching my Insta stories and you thought, 'Oh that video got cut short, why did she not explain that thing to me?'"

Lauren says she had to scramble to delete videos because she had been oblivious to the intimate item hiding in plain sight.

"I had to delete some of those videos because I put my phone up to the mirror to kind of like show my hair and I didn't realise that in the background of the videos is the attachment that me and Charlie–," she continues.

At this point, the woman collapses into giggles and has to take several moments to regain her composure.

Recovering her breath, Lauren adds: "And I'm watching these videos like, 'haha it looks like there's a d**k in the background' – it was.

"It was just left in here to dry because we gave it a clean the other day."

Apologising again for the blunder, she says: "I think I have deleted all of them."

Lauren and Charlie were previously embroiled in drama when they went looking for their friend's missing cat – but accidentally "rescued" the wrong one.

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