Inside Robert Downey Jr.s $11.9 Million Windmill House

American actor, producer, and singer Robert Downey Jr. is best known for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel franchise of the same name. The Hollywood actor has amassed a massive net worth of $300 million throughout his career. The role as Iron Man has made him one of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood history. With the amount of money he currently has, there is no surprise if he can buy the properties he wants and one of them is the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage he bought with his wife.

Robert Downey Jr.’s wife is America2n film producer Susan Downey who also has a massive net worth of $20 million. The Hollywood power couple bought the windmill mansion few years ago as they fell in love with the features of the house. Take a look at the beautiful and stunning Windmill Cottage property where the couple spend most of their time.

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A Vintage Piece Of Architecture

The Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey bought the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton for $11.9 million. The Iron Man actor and the Hollywood producer couple has showed off their unique summer home through Architectural Digest. The estate was built on 1885 and sits on four acres of land. Downey stated that the reason the estate was built on its exact location is because the original owners wanted to see the church spire during the 19th century. The couple bought the house because they wanted a property which they haven’t seen a million times. The couple also added that they do not like boring and they wanted to have something fun.

Through the years, the mansion has been on and off the market and has had their price slashed over the years. When the Downeys bought the property in 2015 for $11.9 million price, the price for the said estate for the year prior is $13.5 million. The estate has about 8,500-square-feet of living space which is allocated to the main house and the guest house. There is no actual windmill on the property and just a copy of the original windmill that can be found on the East Hampton.

Inside RDJ’s Fancy Mansion

The property has main house, guest house and studio. There are seven bedrooms in total with six full bathrooms and five half bathrooms. Robert Downey Jr. is known for his massive car collection, which would not fit in the property’s three-car garage. There is also a potting shed that can be found on the property. The Iron Man actor can hold business meetings on their property as they also have a massive office that even has a library. The kitchen inside the house has a wooden finish design which also features a beautiful breakfast area. The kitchen is one of the favorite spot of the Hollywood power couple as it was custom design where the couple can whip some pancakes for their lovely children.

The overall interior vibe of the house has some sort of rustic little home. The outdoors of the mansion is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after the couple had a busy work schedule. The outdoor area offers some beautiful views of their carefully arranged gardens with stunning flowers and tree. There is also a 50 feet swimming pool on the property which is perfect for the summer. There is also a tennis court on the massive piece of land which is also perfect for the couple to stay fit.

Story Behind The Windmill House

The now fairytale-style home was initially planned as a playhouse. Although it was famous as a windmill mansion, it does not really have a working windmill. The humble abode of the couple had some unique artwork which was displayed throughout the house. The house also had some whimsical features which includes the infamous 15-foot praying mantis sculpture which was made by Andrius Petkus. The said masterpiece is displayed on the front lawn of the property. The actor who is full of words of wisdom admitted that he loves the place as they were involved in the design-worthy touches which made the mansion even more special.

The couple mostly spends their time in their master bedroom where they recharge as it was filled with things that help them relax. Among the things that they love in the room is the exciting art filling the entire room. It was Joe Nahem and his team who made sure that the art requirements of the couple is met. Nahem has stated that they tried to be award of the art and try not to be intimidated by the beauty of it. He added that a lot of designers these days switch out pieces frequently whenever they deal with clients and art. Nahem also said that it is tricky to make sure that the gorgeous views and the art they will be putting in the room will not have some conflicting views. The Downeys’ master bedroom seemed to be very well put together which can be credited to Nahem.

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