EastEnders’ Danny Dyer says he has ‘breasts’ and wants to ‘go down a cup size’

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has said he wants to "go down a cup size" as he talked "man breasts" in a candid discussion about exercise.

The 43-year-old EastEnders star made the funny remark during another episode of his new podcast Sorted With the Dyers which he co-hosts with his daughter Dani Dyer.

They were talking about having a new shed in their garden, with Danny revealing he wanted to use it as a workout space with gym equipment.

He said: "I need to start running.

"We've got a running machine, I'm going to get a bike…"

His daughter chipped in and suggested he get a rowing machine, to which Danny replied: "No that's too much like hard work".

Dani said: "But dad you've never been a gym person."

The soap star then said in a hilarious admission: "I'm in my 40s, what I'm saying is I need to start looking after myself and try and take me cups down of me breasts. I want to go down a cup.

"Maybe it will give me an incentive."

The beloved father and daughter also opened up about online trolling in the chat, as they gave advice to a viewer who struggled with receiving hateful social media comments.

Dani was honest about the horrid comments she's received online, and said they made her "want to sob her heart out".

The Love Island 2018 winner said she once did an advert promoting life insurance after she got pregnant, and some of the messages she saw on the video were "really nasty".

She explained: "[They were] saying I'm going to be going to be a terrible mother, calling me vulgar, she doesn't deserve happiness… just really nasty.

"I sat there and I was like I want to sob my heart out because I thought, what have I done?", Dani added.

Her father Danny supported his daughter as he said: "It's not your own fault. We're living in the world where people can have an opinion about us, and they can tell you their f***ing opinion about you through social media."

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