Demi Lovato's At-Home Performance of "I Love Me" Is the Reminder We Need Right Now

Following in the footsteps of fellow performers like Niall Horan and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings, Demi Lovato made her virtual debut on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show: At Home Edition on Tuesday. Besides a spot-on impression of Moira Rose, we were treated to one of the first “live” performances of her new song “I Love Me.” Despite her casual setting, Lovato was still able to give us a moving performance with each and every riff she added.

The lyrics of “I Love Me” serve as a small reminder that you need to love and take care of yourself, which is incredibly relevant right now. The performance also gave us a glimpse of Lovato’s inner nerd (“Jedi level sabotage?” We see you, fellow Star Wars fan) as well as a glimpse into her daily life (raise your hand if you also have a corner in your living space filled with laundry or random bags). Watch the full video above to see Lovato put on a performance that you’ll likely have on repeat for the next few days!

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