Cheyenne Floyd Reveals How She and Zach Reconnected and Why Second Pregnancy Is 'Way Harder' (Exclusive)

Cheyenne kicks off the season with a new, old boyfriend and a baby on the way.

“Teen Mom OG” star Cheyenne Floyd said she didn’t plan to reconnect with ex-boyfriend Zach Davis, but once he slid back into her DMS, it was only a matter of time until things started to get serious again.

Floyd and Davis previously dated on the 2018 season of the show, before they went their separate ways as Cheyenne and Cory Wharton — the father of her daughter Ryder — figured out where they stood once and for all. After they decided they were better off as co-parents and not a couple, she apparently rekindled that romance with Zach during the pandemic, before announcing they were expecting a child together in December.

“It wasn’t planned, not on my end, but Zach and I … I really think he slid into my DMs,” Cheyenne told TooFab ahead of the new season.

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“We became cordial friends, and then it turned into like… he’d bring me food,” she explained, “and then it was like, ‘Okay, can I come inside to eat the food with you?’ And then from there I couldn’t resist, it’s bad!”

As if the baby on the way wasn’t an indication, Floyd said this time around with Davis is “a lot better” and very different from their past relationship.

“I would say from the last time we dated we are definitely much more mature. There were a lot of firsts going on the last time we dated,” she explained. “It was Corey’s first few times being around Ryder, us having to navigate that whole situation and really not knowing the correct way to do things. I didn’t know how to be in a relationship and how to co-parent at the same time and it was a lot on me. “

“It was really really overwhelming and put Zach in a really awkward position. I would say us dating now, all of us, Corey included, we’re at really good and happy places in their lives as individuals,” she added. “So, when we come together it works a lot better than the first time that we came together, it didn’t work at all. This times a lot better.”

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The new season of “Teen Mom OG” will show the beginning stages of their relationship, as well as the start to their pregnancy journey together. Floyd said her daughter Ryder is “definitely excited” to have a little brother.

“She’s way more into the pregnancy than I thought she would be for her age. I think she’s only excited because it’s a boy. I do think if it was a girl, we would be dealing with a few tantrums here and there,” she explained.

She added that her pregnancy is “way harder this time” around because of the pandemic — adding that it’s been “rough” so far.

“Everything is pretty much by myself. Zach, he’s not allowed to go to any of my doctors appointments,” explained Cheyenne “We FaceTime through them. It’s so weird for me because with my first pregnancy — because I didn’t have Ryder’s dad around — I always had like a full room because my family just wanted to overwhelm me with support.”

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“So, I had my dad, my grandpa, my sister, my mom, my aunt, like everybody was there. I always told myself, ‘Okay, next time I get pregnant it’s just gonna be me and the father,’ and this time I’m like, ‘I guess it’s just me,'” she added.

“It’s been good and bad. Pros and cons. It’s a little scary sometimes, a little overwhelming, but it sucks,” Floyd continued. “It sucks for Zach. He hates that he can’t be involved in the doctor’s appointments. We’re trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. Luckily, we haven’t had any COVID cases in our family. Yeah, we’re doing good.”

Floyd said she can’t wait for fans to see the start to her pregnancy on the upcoming season, because it’s something she kept to herself and off social media when it was happening. She added viewers will see both the “good and the bad” of her journey so far.

“I’m pretty sure you’re going to catch me throwing up at some point and you get to see when I told my parents, my family when I was pregnant. You get to see the first time I tell Ryder,” she added. “So, I’m actually excited to watch it because there was a lot going on through that time. It was a lot of good things. Something good came out of 2020.”

“Teen Mom OG” premieres Tuesday, January 26 on MTV.

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