Celeb ‘Tiger King’ fans fighting over roles in future movie

“Tiger King” is the latest true crime docuseries to captivate the public — and celebs are no exception. The Netflix series, which follows the wild story of incarcerated former zoo-owner Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a k a “Joe Exotic,” and involves everything from polygamy to murder to mullets to wild animals, has given the world the perfect ridiculous distraction amidst a pandemic.

From Kim Kardashian to Jared Leto, some stars are mere fans. Others want in on the action when the inevitable big-screen adaptation comes to fruition.

Dax Shepard — a k a Mr. Kristen Bell — has already expressed his interest in playing Joe.

“If I don’t get cast as Joe Exotic in the eventual biopic, Hollywood is broken,” the “Idiocracy” actor tweeted. He also shared a fan’s art, with his own face photoshopped over Joe’s, posing with a tiger.

But not so fast, Dax.

Edward Norton, of “Fight Club” fame, responded, “Um, step aside, pal. You’re way too young and buff and you know it. You could probably pull off Maldonado still, actually. Wouldn’t that be fun?” (Joe Exotic is 57, while Shepard is 45 and Norton is 50).

Comedian Dane Cook got in on the fun and replied, “I already got asked but I’m sure there is a villain role supporting me we could slot you in. #howdareyou.”

Meanwhile, they all may have some competition from Jared Leto. The Oscar-winner posted a photo series with a stuffed tiger to prove that he has the chops to play Joe Exotic. He even tried to get his own hashtag, #JaredLetoTigerKing, going around the project.

Famous redheads Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard both even expressed interest in a minor role.

While not interested in scoring a role, Chrissy Teigen is definitely a fan. The model, TV personality and Twitter queen posted a photo of Miles, her 2-year-old son with John Legend, photoshopped to look like Joe Exotic.

Cardi B did not express interest in appearing in a film adaptation either, but she did post a thread about being riveted by the saga and sympathizing with Joe.

And not to be left out, Kim Kardashian commented on how “crazy” the whole thing is.

“Tiger King” is currently streaming on Netflix. At present, a big-screen adaptation of the series has not been announced. However, Kate McKinnon is set to star as Carole Baskin in a limited series, reports Deadline.

Margot Robbie’s name is also being tossed around to potentially play Baskin.

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