Brits rate bacon as their favourite Full English breakfast food – do you agree?

Hungry Brits have crowned bacon as the best fry-up food, after 29 percent of respondents admit they need it on their plate.

The breakfast treat narrowly beat sausage, which scooped second place in the rankings with 21 percent of votes, while egg sits in third place with 17 percent.

The survey, conducted byHelloFreshto celebrate English Breakfast Day on December 2, polled adults from all around the UK on their breakfast preferences.

Surprisingly, black pudding ranked higher than beans on the leader board, as the blood sausage claimed 5 percent of votes.

Meanwhile, mushrooms have been named the UK’s preferred vegetable addition, topping tomatoes which were the least popular item, receiving only 2 percent.

The data also highlighted some notable regional divides, for example people in Glasgow and Liverpool ranked sausages above bacon, but the two were equally popular in Belfast.

Check out the full leader board – as voted by the British public – below.

  1. Bacon – 29%

  2. Sausage – 21%

  3. Fried egg – 17%

  4. Mushrooms – 9%

  5. Fried bread – 7%

  6. Black pudding – 5%

  7. Toast – 5%

  8. Beans – 4%

  9. Tomato – 2%

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Do you think bacon is the best fry-up food, or is there another breakfast essential that should be higher on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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