Bikini babe dubbed flawless as she flashes bum in raw and unedited snap

A bikini babe has started a new body positive trend – and she's flashed her bum to kick it off.

Swimwear designer Karina Irby is known for flaunting her curves and cellulite in candid Instagram snaps. She boasts over 1m followers thanks to her uplifting content and positive approach to life.

People love her honest approach to talking about body image, and it's easy to see why. She recently started a trend called "no filter Fridays" to encourage more women to embrace their bodies.

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Recently the blonde beauty slipped into a seriously small bikini to flaunt her bum at the beach. She did so to show off her natural skin, tummy creases and curves.

Karina wanted to remind people that they don't need to edit their pictures to look or feel good about themselves. The content creator wants people to know they are enough as they are, without enhancing their image.

She looked amazing as she smiled for the camera while wearing a mis-matched bikini. Her followers thought she looked gorgeous as she smiled with confidence.

Writing on Instagram, Karina said: "No filter Fridays. I loooove a fun filter! And I looooove colour grading and making content sparkle.

"But don’t forgot to post raw, unedited pics and videos too! We’re all perfect with and without the colour grade."

Since she shared the post more than 9,000 people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. Karina was dubbed a "queen" by her supporters.

One person wrote: "No matter what others say, you are perfect!" Another added: "Flawless. Keep up the good work."

A third replied: "You are a goddess." Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "I'm always here for this. Look at your gorgeous, authentic self."

Earlier this year, Karina admitted she's been "struggling" with anxiety about her health, which led her to make some changes. Even though it's really benefited her, she said she's faced some criticism for losing weight and some people unfollowed her due to the fact she's dropped a few pounds.

Karina knows a lot of people come to her page for uplifting and positive content, but she knew she had to focus on changing her ways to benefit her personally.

Writing on Instagram at the time, the beach babe said: "Day 62 of my new healthy habits. I’ve had a lot of girls reach out and tell me, now that I’m losing a little bit of weight, and I’m talking more about my food, health and training, that they’ve had to unfollow me.

"I respect and appreciate people have their own journeys and experiences in this space, but I would appreciate that respect in return. I’m not out here trying to upset or trigger people. In fact, I’m trying to do the opposite.

"I’ve been really struggling over the past 18 months with anxiety surrounding my health, which led me to create some pretty toxic and unhealthy habits. Something needed to change."

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