Bigfoot killed in car crash is being covered up by police, claims conspiracy

A conspiracy theorist reckons that police are covering up the death of a Bigfoot after it was hit by a car.

News outlets in California, US, reported that California Highway Patrol were called to the state's Highway 89 on November 23, shortly before 3.30am, following reports that a sedan had smashed into a bear.

Officials said that the bear was left dead following the crash. There was also significant damage to the vehicle.

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However, some people in the online Bigfoot community are not buying that version of events.

Reddit user u/richmuiz took to the r/Bigfoot Reddit page to suggest that it may have actually been a Sasquatch that was killed.

In a post titled "Bigfoot hit?" they wrote: "Interesting story coming out of California Hiway 89, closed, not even letting News crews in…..

"Apparently a Bear walking on 2 legs was crossing the Hiway 89 and was hit by a Ford SUV and animal was killed ????

"Interesting why they will not let news crew in and have Hiway 89 closed ??? Cal Fire, CHP and Forestry Department responding to accident… [sic]"

The poster's account varies from local news reports in two ways. There have been no reports that the bear was on two legs and the vehicle was a sedan, not an SUV.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the inconsistencies did not stop fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts letting their imaginations run wild.

"Even if it was the big guy…they gonna cover it up," one reply read.

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Another person wrote: "As much as I would hate it to be a dead Sasquatch, this could be the proof we need. Only a physical body will satisfy science."

Discussing the supposed cover-up, a third wrote: "They might try, but there's no way they're gonna successfully keep the typical 20 or so people who show up at a big car accident quiet."


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