BBC Studios’ Jodie Comer Drama ‘Thirteen’ Is Being Remade By Japan’s Tokai TV

Killing Eve star Jodie Comer’s breakthrough drama Thirteen is being adapted in Japan by Tokai Television Broadcasting, which is also known as Tokai TV.

The format deal represents the first direct agreement of its kind between BBC Studios, which originally made Thirteen for BBC Three in 2016, and Tokai TV. The companies have previously worked together on an Orphan Black remake.

The kidnap thriller will be written by Ichi scribe Taeko Asano and will star Nanami Sakuraba in the lead role, originally played by Emmy Award-winner Comer. Thirteen will be shown on Fuji TV Nationwide Network across Japan on June 6.

The drama centers on a young woman who escapes the clutches of her kidnapper after 13 years being held captive. It follows her story as she tries piecing back together the version of family life that existed before her ordeal.

Keisuke Tohyama, a producer at Tokai TV, said: “Remaking Thirteen is a significant step for us, as we will be exploring taking local versions of original British drama to Japanese audiences to meet their changing viewing habits and to explore more business opportunities.

“Our direct partnership with BBC Studios gives us one step further and we believe that this thriller will be another great success, giving chills down the spines of many Japanese viewers. We won’t let you go to bed without watching this show on Saturdays.“

The remake follows BBC Studios brokering a deal with Korean subscription network JTBC to adapt Abi Morgan’s BBC and Sundance TV drama The Split.

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