Artist of the Week: Doja Cat

The ‘Say So’ hitmaker became a viral sensation when her 2018 single ‘Moo!’ caught a lot of people’s attention due to its eccentric music, lyrics and visuals.

AceShowbiz -Just like any other industry, the music industry has also evolved over time to the point that it gets harder for up-and-coming artists to make a name for themselves. In Doja Cat‘s case, she needs to work for a few years before she finally gets the popularity she deserves, and it’s all thanks to the uniqueness she brought in the game.

Doja has been in the industry since 2013, but she became a viral sensation in 2018 when her single “Moo!” caught a lot of people’s attention due to its eccentric music and visuals. Up until this day, the meme-worthy music video has garnered more than 11 million views. The release was then followed by her debut studio album “Amala”, which did pretty well in music charts.

Despite that, it wasn’t until 2019 that Doja finally got to taste how it felt like to have your song charted on Billboard’s Hot 100. Her single “Juicy” peaked at No. 41 on the weekly chart, marking it her first song to ever do that.

Doja’s popularity only rose higher after that, especially after her song “Say So” went viral thanks to a TikTok challenge created by Haley Sharpe. It went to peak within the top ten on Hot 100 and marked another career milestone for Doja. Not only that, but the song also received positive reviews from music critics with Nerisha Penrose of Elle writing that the song offered “a healthy dose of nostalgia as Doja’s hushed, airy voice floats over a bed of iridescent synths and a funky bassline.”

“Say So” served as the fifth single off her second studio album “Hot Pink”, which also included another viral single “Rules”. Garnering generally positive reviews, the record peaked at No. 17 on Billboard 200. Meanwhile, on Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart, it peaked at No. 10.

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