April Fools pranks: Simple April Fools pranks at home

April Fools’ Day takes place on April 1 every year and is an annual custom consisting of practical jokes and hooks. In the UK, an April fool prank is sometimes later revealed by shouting “April fool” at the recipient, who becomes the “April fool”.

In countries across the world many are bound to their homes due to lockdowns implementer by the Government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Online, brands have vowed not to pull their regular pranks, and Google has cancelled its annual April Fools’ hoax.

However, there’s still a need for harmless fun and something that can bring a smile to friends and families within your household.

Here are some simple April Fools pranks to do at home.


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Text replacement

iPhones have a feature intended to help enhance typing speed, but for April Fools’ Day it’s an opportunity to use it for a laugh instead.

Text replacement is meant to automatically fix quick errors such as writing “wrok” instead of “work”.

To use the text replacement function go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Tapping on text replacement presents a screen with a few preconfigured shortcut options arranged alphabetically, as well as a search bar for navigating previously created pairings.

To create your own shortcuts, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner to open a screen with two entry fields.

In the top field, Phrase, enter the text you want to quickly retype in other places on iOS.

For explore you can replace “Good morning” with “PLEASE BRING BREAKFAST TO MY ROOM IMMEDIATELY”.

Pretend to be typing

Three dots usually signal that someone is responding to your text and now you can make it go on forever.

Instead of actually topics, you can just send a GIF of three dots.

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Insect lamps

If you have a fake plastic insect laying around at home, why don’t use it for a fun prank on your family of flat mates this April Fools’ Day.

Simply use tape to attach the fake insect inside the lamp shade.

Swap out family photos

For those in quarantine with their family, swap out some family photos with pictures of random actors.

For example, if your mum has a crush on James Bond, put in a photo of Agent 007 actor Daniel Craig.


A fart is the perfect hoax for April Fools’ Day.

You can trick your household either by using the hand-in-armpit trick or use a whoopee cushion.

As it’s 2020 there is also a fart app you can use for the trick, called iFart.

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