Where is HGTV’s One of a Kind filmed?

HGTV’s latest must-watch show One of a Kind is aptly titled because its host, Grace Mitchell, is, well, one of a kind. She’s a talented interior designer and the blogger behind A Storied Style, whose passion for unique and love-filled renovations translates perfectly to the screen. And Mitchell’s unique interior designs aim to make houses truly feel like homes.

In particular, Mitchell’s enthusiastic and hands-on approach lends itself well to One of a Kind’s premise, which sees the designer and her team taking on stories rather than projects, creating one-of-a-kind plans for families whose abodes are in dire need of a bit more personality. The host herself took seven years to complete the renovations on her own stunning property, so she clearly has the experience.

Grace Mitchell likes to keep things local for One of a Kind

In keeping with her desire to make everything feel as authentic and as personal as possible, Mitchell keeps things local. Her show is set in Forth Worth, Texas, where Mitchell and her family are located. As a piece by Fort Worth Magazine noted, One of a Kind “shines a light” on local design, which she does through her own projects and the businesses and tradespeople whose work she showcases. Mitchell noted on her blog that working on the 100-year-old home in which she and her family live helped her to learn “where to spend and where to thrift and redo, where to dream and where to be practical.”

She also knows a thing or two about running a local business herself, telling House Beautiful her career in home renovation started with her selling vintage furniture. “I had a side hustle when my kids were born,” she revealed. “Through my vintage furniture business I kind of parlayed into other clients.” Mitchell noted that her first client was someone who bought one of her pieces and subsequently had her design their living room.

She may be one of a kind just like her designs, but the proud Texan actually has something in common with fellow HGTV lady Jasmine Roth. Hidden Potential is filmed in her backyard too, proving home (renovation) really is where the heart is.

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