Where is HGTV’s Hidden Potential filmed?

Hidden Potential’s Jasmine Roth isn’t the typical HGTV star, having fallen into home renovation after years of working as a fitness instructor. She was discovered on Instagram, where clearly Roth’s star potential was visible to anybody with eyes. Nowadays, with the success of her hit show, the reality star and adrenaline junkie refuses to rest on her laurels, going on country-hopping adventures with husband Brett and keeping things real about what it actually takes to make a house a home.

She may be the busiest lady in California, but Roth has at least one thing she can rely on when it comes to shooting her hit show — where it’s filmed really suits her beach-y lifestyle.

HGTV's Hidden Potential takes up a large chunk of Jasmine Roth's time

Roth has always been upfront about the less-than-glamorous side of filming Hidden Potential, revealing to House Beautiful that she films for six months each year, up to 12 hours a day and six days a week. “It’s reality TV to the max,” she said, explaining, “There are cameras in my car, cameras in my house, drones above me, cameras following me around.” However, Roth loves the intense set-up, as she said, “It’s just me living my life, and they’re capturing it.”

During her debut season, Roth was incredibly hands-on with each family. Projects typically lasted from six to eight weeks total, during which time she would handle everything from searching for houses to figuring out what each family required. She also worked with the construction team and designed every tiny detail of the renovation to ensure it was perfect.

This is where Jasmine Roth films Hidden Potential

Thankfully, Roth didn’t have to travel that far to film as all 13 of those initial episodes were filmed in Huntington Beach, Calif., where both Roth and her company, Built Custom Homes, are located. Likewise, when Hidden Potential Season 2 rolled around, Roth was ready to branch out while still keeping things local. Those 17 episodes were also filmed in Huntington Beach. “Honestly, because the population is so great in Huntington Beach, I think 17 cookie-cutter houses is not going to be that hard to find,” she told House Beautiful prior to shooting.

Roth is a very proud California girl, frequently featuring pieces from local traders in her renovations on Hidden Potential. As for where the show could go in future, Roth hopes to keep it as a lure for curious outsiders. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But I would love to just add one more reason to come to Huntington Beach, one more reason to live in Huntington Beach,” she enthused in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

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