Wendy Williams Goes Off About Apparent ‘Ambush’ From NeNe Leakes Asking Her To Film ‘RHOA’

Wendy Williams returned to television on April 6, with all new Hot Topics from home. The host revealed she hung up on NeNe Leakes during a phone call that turned uncomfortable on Friday, after NeNe blindsided her with ‘RHOA’ cameras.

Wendy Williams appears to be on the outs with friend NeNe Leakes. The talk show host, 55, spent most of her Monday morning Hot Topics segment venting about a phone call with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 52, that took place on Friday, April 3. Wendy said she hasn’t heard from NeNe since she hung up on her, after NeNe called her on speaker phone without warning as the RHOA cameras were rolling. Wendy has been vocal on her show and with NeNe about her position not to be filmed or involved in the Housewives franchises.

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