Weezer Launches Unbeatable ‘End Of The Game’ Game

Weezer recently took to Twitter to announce the launch of “The End of the Game” computer game.

They later provided a link to the game’s website, writing that it’s “[the] perfect game to play while you’re stuck inside and done watching Tiger King.”

The game, inspired by retro 8-bit games, got its name from Weezer’s 2019 single “The End of the Game,” which is part of their upcoming fourteenth studio album Van Weezer, due out on May 15 via Crush/Atlantic.

The band says “The End of the Game” game is unbeatable. “It’s the perfect game to play while #stayingathome because you can’t beat it,” a press release from the band states. “Really. We’ve tried. And it’s not just cause we aren’t that good at video games.”

According to the band, “It’s a computer game ode to the boss levels are that are notoriously impossible to beat, harkening back to mid-’80s and early ’90s faves like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter II and Punch Out.”

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