Usher, Ella Mai Throw Lavish Party In Video For ‘Don’t Waste My Time’

Hip-Hop legend Usher throws a lavish and truly enviable house party in the official music video for his latest single, Don’t Waste My Time, featuring Ella Mai.

“Good lovin’, no questions/reach out and you’ll touch me/bad habits, don’t judge me/just don’t waste my time,” the singers croon in the chorus of the catchy bop while throwing it down with their friends, including Snoop Dogg, King Combs, Jermaine Dupri, and Christian Combs, among others.

Director by LeSean Harris, the 5-minute clip captures the pulse of the fun-filled party that features, among other luxuries, gold-dusted donuts, white roses draped in 100-dollar bills, and even an appearance by the Aqualillies, a synchronized swimming group.

The video is interrupted by a scene in which stand-up comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy attempts to enter Usher’s home but is stopped at the door by the bouncer, who insists that he does not have an invitation and is not appropriately dressed for the occasion.

He is finally allowed entry by Usher himself, who also politely requests Kennedy to stop it with the unnecessary dance movements – “We about to revoke your honorary black card,” the former says jokingly while inviting him into his home.

“The more I listened to ‘Don’t Waste My Time,’ I felt like it was missing a female’s perspective. So we flipped it up, changed the second verse to a female’s story, and I felt like [Ella Mai] was great for it,” Usher shared with Billboard last year.

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