Tanya Tucker Shares 'When The Rodeo Is Over (Where Does The Cowboy Go?)'

Grammy-winning country superstar Tanya Tucker recently released a new song, “When the Rodeo is Over (Where Does the Cowboy Go?)”

“When the Rodeo is Over (Where Does the Cowboy Go?)” is the second song to be released from Tucker’s highly-anticipated new album, Sweet Western Sound, which will be released June 2 on Fantasy Records. The song was penned by Billy Don Burns and Craig Dillingham.

“I was in LA, the night before the first session started. Brandi [Carlile] sent me a song, saying ‘If you like it, we’ll start with it. I gave it to Craig [Dillingham, Tanya’s boyfriend] to listen to. He comes back in a minute, and I asked him, ‘Did you like it?’ and he says, ‘Like it? Hell, I wrote it!’ He’d never pitched it to me, but Brandi did. It’s one of those songs that just stays with you,” Tucker says about the song.

(Photo: Derrek Kupish)

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