Tana Mongeau Opens Up About Filming Her Reality Show, Admits She Should’ve Stopped After Holiday Special

Tana Mongeau is putting it all out there in a new vlog!

The 21-year-old YouTuber opened up about how her MTV No Filter show has twisted the narratives of certain things in season two, gives an update on her mental health, and more.

Tana shared that due to how doing the show was making her feel, and with everything going on in her life, she should’ve stopped doing the show before signing on for a second season.

“I thought I could handle [the edits on the show] to an extent, and after shooting season one, right after it aired, I ended up agreeing to do a season two in the next six months or so,” she says. “When I agreed to that and signed that paperwork, I really didn’t think I would decline overall as a person, my health overall as much as I did. I think that MTV kind of obviously saw that happening. I think they were kind of waiting around for Jake [Paul] and I’s conclusion, if we were gonna break up or stay together, or what was gonna happen for them to start filming season two.”

“I know that I should’ve stopped after the holiday special, because at that time, I was already so depressed from the Jake sh–, the Big Bear sh–, the Alissa [Violet] sh–, everything,” Tana continued. “I don’t blame Jake at all, I don’t blame anyone at all. I don’t want any pity at all, because this is this entire video’s point. I got myself into this mess and feeling this way, and the only person that can get me out of it is me.”

Tana also talked about how she rented an apartment to get away from her house and get sober from drugs, how her friends’ response to her asthma diagnosis was portrayed, her and Jordan clearing the air, and even how she lost herself while trying to be like someone who would be in Team 10.

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