Reese Witherspoon Just Found Out Her ‘Big Little Lies’ House Is Also Hannah Montana’s House!

Miley Cyrus invited Reese Witherspoon to come onto her live video stream to chat about the state of the world, raising kids in this time, and more.

At one point, Miley dropped a bombshell – the Big Little Lies house is the same house as the Hannah Montana house!

“I don’t know if you knew that Madeline Martha Mackenzie and Hannah Montana lived in the same house, maybe even at the same time. So there might be a plot twist here that you actually had a roommate — that you lived with Hannah Montana,” Miley said to Reese, showing her a photo as proof.

“Oh my god, I knew I knew that house from somewhere!,” Reese said, looking shocked.

Reese‘s camera went blurry at the exact moment of the reveal, but you can still see how shocked she is in the screen grabs! Check it out in the gallery.

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