Mean Girls fans are triggered by savage dig in new musical adaptation trailer

The highly anticipated first official trailer for the Mean Girls musical movie has arrived, leaving fans both excited and wary about this new take on the classic.

Set for release on January 12, this film adaptation is derived from the successful Broadway musical inspired by the iconic 2004 original. While it's not a full revival, this fresh interpretation offers a new perspective on the Mean Girls universe.

In this musical movie, Angourie Rice steps into the role of Cady Heron, originally made famous by Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, Renée Rapp takes on the formidable character of Regina George, leader of the Plastics, as she channels her inner mean girl.

The film also boasts a star-studded cast, including Jenna Fischer, Busy Philipps, and Jon Hamm. Notably, Tim Meadows and Tina Fey, the original's writer, reprise their roles in this reimagined version.

The trailer set the internet abuzz, leaving many millennials feeling a mix of excitement and nostalgia. However, the trailer's introductory message "This isn't your mother's Mean Girls" didn't sit well with some viewers.

Twitter erupted with reactions to this rather cheeky reference, showcasing how deeply the Mean Girls franchise is ingrained in pop culture.

One Twitter user jokingly said: "Whoever came up with the copy, 'This isn't your mother's Mean Girls' is going in my Burn Book!!!!!!!!"

Another Twitter user expressed their surprise: "I cannot tell you how triggered I am by the 'This isn't your mother's mean girls.' YOUR MOTHER???? YOUR MOTHER???!!!!"

Some fans were baffled and not entirely pleased with the reference, with one person saying: "Hate hate HATE that we’re at a point in time where Mean Girls can be referred to as 'your mother’s Mean Girls.'"

Another added: “lol how old do they think we were when we saw mean girls.”

However, the majority of fans are looking forward to the film and appreciated the cheeky remark. As one Twitter user put it: "Okay, I was skeptical about a remake, but after seeing the cast, I am slightly less skeptical. But still skeptical. Also: 'Not your mother’s Mean Girls' is incredibly rude and oddly fitting."

With a mix of excitement and nostalgia, fans are eagerly anticipating this fresh take on Mean Girls, and whether it's "your mother's" or not, it's sure to be a hot topic when it hits cinemas on January 12, 2024.

Mean Girls is also making its debut as a musical on London's West End. The production will come to the UK in 2024 and has already been a hit on Broadway where it opened in 2018 before embarking on two national tours.

News of the West End opening was announced on October 3, also known as Mean Girls Day, in reference to a scene from the cult film when Cady is asked what day it is by the boy she likes.

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