Late-night, daytime shows returning to live TV amid coronavirus pandemic

Late-night and daytime TV is ready for a live comeback after several shows went on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic weeks ago.

Stephen Colbert announced on Twitter that he would be kicking off next week with all new original episodes of “The Late Show.” “I’m staying home and so is everybody who works for me, but thanks to some amazing work by my staff and the CBS broadcasting folks, we will be back on Monday with new Late Shows Until then-Stay Strong!,” he wrote.

Colbert’s competition, Jimmy Fallon, will also follow a new model for “The Tonight Show.” An insider told us they have been,” “working on a two guest plus music structure for shows starting next week. There’s no guarantee that it will be all original because they’re filling bookings, but there’s a very real possibility that they will be there soon.”

Fallon’s Friday show with Tina Fey and Jose Andres, was all original except for the performance at the end.

Meanwhile, sources told us Tamron Hall’s new executive producer, Candi Carter, has been pushing hard to get her back on-air and a show rep confirmed, “Beginning Monday, March 30, ‘Tamron Hall’ returns with new segments originating from her home … focused on the latest news surrounding COVID-19 … followed by encore segments from previous episodes.”

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