LARRY KUDLOW: Biden flip-flops on the left's Democratic crazies


Larry Kudlow: Democratic crazies are not happy with Biden

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reacts to President Biden breaking with the far-left on the DC crime overhaul and the latest bipartisan effort to tackle inflation on ‘Kudlow.’

Joe Biden doesn't seem to be having too much fun lately. The Democratic crazies on the left are not happy with him because he won't veto this soft-on-crime Washington D.C. bill, which at one point he said he would veto. Now he says he won't. 31 normal Democrats threw in with the Republican House majority to stop the mayhem in D.C. – or at least stop it from getting worse – by fencing off a lot of crimes that would've been made non-crimes. Not exactly New York style no-bail no-jail, but it's certainly George Soros-style: give the left-wing prosecutors the next couple of years off. Golf is more important than criminals. Victims don't matter. A couple of Senate Democrats also voted to stop the Washington DC crazies. I happen to think Mr. Biden made the right decision here, but I think we can agree flip-flopping is no fun. Flip, flop. Not good, politically. 


Then a total of fifty-nine House Democrats voted with Republicans in support of Elise Stefanik's REIN IN Inflation impact bil, which would require Biden to publish inflationary impact assessments of his executive orders prior to enacting them. We don't know about the Senate – and we can only guess that the President would veto it if it got to his desk – but can you imagine a President who runs around the country telling people he solved inflation being opposed to an inflation impact bill? Really?! By the way, the inflation rate is still around 6%. It is down from 9% – but it’s still up from the Fed's 2% target. In fact, it's 3x the Feds 2% target. So, interest rates are going to go up a whole lot more in the months ahead, which will threaten recession a good deal more. Mr. Biden's not gonna like that either. 

President Joe Biden defended his economic policy during a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley, claiming that critics are not putting inflation spikes in perspective. (CBS News)

He keeps telling folks that he's cutting the budget deficit, but people looking at the CBO report are trying to figure out where the $20 trillion deficit increase over the next decade come from, if Mr. Biden has really become such a spending slasher. Or, better yet, please tell me just one spending item he wants to cut. Tell me anyone. Bet you can't. Then, he's fixing to veto the ESG bill, which most Democrats do support, but that will potentially damage the retirement returns of 150 million Americans. Did someone say ‘unpopular?’ Okay, well, I’m saying it. Bad call, Mr. President. 


A lot of people in his own party have been highly critical of his botched handling of the Chinese spy balloon, and about the same number of Democrats have been critical of him regarding his botched handling of classified documents. Democratic defections on Biden policies and Biden miscues seem to be growing, not shrinking. Biden’s pal Lori Lightfoot just got a major whooping in the Chicago mayor's race, proving that crime doesn't pay – even in Chicago. And a recent ABC/Washington Post poll shows that 58% of Democrats prefer someone else other than Mr. Biden to run for President. Only 31% want him to run again. Just saying: I don't think he's having that much fun. 

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